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Should Your Kids Share a Room? Weighing Your Options

Share RoomFor families, making the most of the space in your home is essential to the entire household. And, particularly if space in your house is limited, you may be wondering if having your kids share a bedroom is the right solution to free up another room for an office, a den or even a guest bedroom.


You’re envisioning that sharing a room will bring your kids closer together. But will it? Though typically everyone likes their own personal space from time to time, there are some advantages of kids sharing a bedroom.

Experts say that, in addition to siblings being able to bond from spending time together and sharing a space, a shared room can offer some good lessons early on. Sharing a bedroom can help kids learn to deal with other people, even when it may be difficult — something that will come in handy throughout life. It teaches kids the art of compromise and sharing, and it also encourages kids to learn vital communication skills.

Additionally, kids who may be afraid to sleep alone sleep better knowing their brother or sister is right there, so it can also help you sleep better.


Though there is a plus side to your kids sharing a room, there are also some disadvantages. For example, perhaps one child wants to sleep with a nightlight and the other does not. Or one child needs peace and quiet to do homework while the other wants to watch TV or listen to music. While these differences in preferences can cause some arguments, they also provide an opportunity for parents and kids to work together and come up with solutions that work for everyone.

It is also important to keep in mind kids’ ages and privacy preferences when considering a room share. As kids approach puberty they may be less inclined to want to share a space and wish for more privacy when changing clothes or having friends over. Common sense and listening to your kids can help direct your decision making when it comes to a shared bedroom.

Best practices

If you decide that a shared room is best for your kids, there are some ways to make the most of their space and keep everyone happy.

For kids who desire more privacy, you may consider researching options to separate the space in the bedroom. Using dividers like a pocket door or other types of room separators can offer the feel of two separate spaces in one room. Then, your kids can decorate their own individual half how they prefer and enjoy a bit more privacy.

If the room is fairly small and dividing the space isn’t an option, you may want to opt for bunk beds in order to maximize the space of the room. Rest assured, today’s bunk beds aren’t what they used to be. Back in the day, bunk beds were metal, rickety pieces that weren’t durable and compromised safety. Today, bunk bed options are sleek, safe and sturdy — and perfect for kids who share a room. They even offer options for additional storage, built-in desks, stairs to climb up to the top bunk and more. You can even choose the size that works best — twin, full or a twin over a full, as well as L-shaped designs, bunk beds with a slide or even a futon, giving you the options that are right for your kids.

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