The Original Smart Mom

A mom’s life can be challenging. Such was the day of our founder, Maria Bailey, when her third child looked up at her during church and declared, “mom, I’m going to throw up.” Her first reaction was to hold out her purse to catch it but quickly came to her senses. Needless to say, the floor became home to an unwanted mess. But out of one mom’s challenge was born a solution…The Smart Mom Solution.

Smart Mom Solutions strives to provide moms with solutions to everyday challenges and chores. Whether it’s saving time in the morning to write a note to your child’s teacher or ensuring that a signed field trip slip arrives in the school office, Smart Mom has created a solution.

Our products are made with moms in mind – quality, value and practicality. The team at Smart Mom Solutions takes pride in developing tools to help mom with real challenges.

Thank you for your interest in our product line and we invite you to let us know what you think. You can contact Maria Bailey directly at with product suggestions or questions.

We also invite you to share the good news with other mothers. Tell a friend about Smart Mom and give her the gift of solutions.