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Mommy Parties is a turn-key word of mouth and mom engagement program.

With over a decade of experience and results to support it, BSM Media has created a formula that generates buzz in the marketplace.

It’s easy to get started.

  1. The Team at BSM Media begins by determining your goals and level of engagement you strive to obtain with moms.
  2. Together we will set measurable benchmarks so that your Mommy Party elements can be designed to drive these behaviors.
  3. BSM Media will create and design a party kit customized to your specific brand or product.
  4. All the creative elements such as invitations, party recipes, games, activities along with any online elements are designed and sent to client for approval.
  5. Recruitment of key mom influencers begin based on client’s target mom segment.  Parties may include moms and children, only mothers, the entire family and even grandparents!
  6. Mommy Parties begin along with word of mouth.  Clients can watch the excitement via Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets.
  7. Measurement and reporting begins.

Learn more about MommyParties here!

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