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Mom Select

Moms are the most powerful consumer group in the world. Companies each day try to connect with you with marketing messages, product information and brand promises. Some do it well while others fall short. For over a decade, BSM Media has been working to help companies speak to moms about […]

Featured / Mom Talk® Radio

Mom Talk™ Radio

Mom Talk™ Radio is the first nationally syndicated radio show for moms, hosted by Maria Bailey. Maria launched Mom Talk Radio in 2001 long before podcasting, iPods or online radio became hip. In fact, Mom Talk Radio was the first terrestrial radio show designed exclusively for moms.  Through a partnership […]

Featured / MomTV


MomTV is the latest media property launched by Maria Bailey and BSM Media as a means to empowering moms thru online video content. Empowering moms has been the vision and driving motivation behind Maria Bailey and BSM Media since the company’s inception in 1999. As technology has progressed, BSM Media […]

Featured / Mommy Parties


Mommy Parties is a turn-key word of mouth and mom engagement program. With over a decade of experience and results to support it, BSM Media has created a formula that generates buzz in the marketplace. It’s easy to get started. The Team at BSM Media begins by determining your goals […]