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Flu Season! How to prevent catching those germs associated with the flu and sickness.

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Maria spoke with: Jonna Gallo, of Family Circle. Everyone says tween and teens are impossible to buy for, that all they want is cash or gift cards. If you’re a person who likes to give an actual present, Jonna has some great options that won’t […]

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Keep your holidays merry—and meaningful and add “Joy to Your World”

On this week’s episode of Mom Talk Radio, Maria spoke with Gay Edelman, of Family Circle gives us simple strategies that will keep your holidays merry—and meaningful and add “Joy to Your World”. Huggies Mom Inspired guest – Sandra Frawley, BabyBindle inventor and MomInspired™ Grant Recipient. Deborah Hernan, Tween Beauty […]

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A Healthy Pasta Choice

Now that Thanksgiving is over, many Moms feel like they could give up cooking forever! Perhaps it’s not just at the holidays, either. But even if we would be content eating a salad for dinner, the children require something more. Often, pasta is the go-to food of choice for many […]

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Cyber Monday Deals from MomSelect

It’s CyberMonday which means it’s time to shop for great deals! Maria Bailey and MomSelect offer discount codes for terrific products that make unique gifts and stocking stuffers. Get great deals on these products: 25% Off personalized gift items from Expressions Gift Factory, $2 Off Xigo Health supplements to keep […]

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Staying Healthy Over the Holidays!

On this week’s episode of Mom Talk Radio, Maria spoke with Ellen Schutt, chief mom officer at Xigo Health, a dietary supplement company that is all about knowing and understanding moms and what’s important to them. Huggies Mom Inspired guest – Linda Varga, ezShade creator and MomInspired™ Grant Recipient. Andrea […]

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National Mom’s Nite Out

Ask a mom about Mother’s Day and she’ll tell you that she often has to focus on other mother’s in her life. What she would really love for Mother’s Day is a day off- Welcome to National Mom’s Nite Out. The National Mom’s Nite Out is the first nationally organized […]